Kansas Stastics

Birth Date
January 29, 1861
(34th State)
Capitol City
Geographic Center of the Contniental US (Near Lebanon, Ks)
Geographic Size
82,282 square miles--ranked 15th in geographic size
Highest Point
Mount Sunflower in western Kansas--4,039 feet
Lowest Point
The Verdigris River in southeast Kansas--680 feet
Major Industries
Aircraft Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Education


Sunflower State (unofficial nicknames: Wheat State, JayHawker State)

(2000 - US census report)

Smallest Cities
Freeport, Oak Hill, Benedict, Frederick
State March
The Kansas March, by Duff E. Middleton, adopted 1935
State Motto
Ad Astra Per Aspera Latin for "To the stars through difficulty"
State Song
Home on the Range, by Dr. Brewster Higley, adopted 1947
Time Zones
Mostly central time zone. Some counties in the far west portion of the State are in the mountain time zone

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State Amphibian
Barred Tiger Salamander
State Animal
The American Buffalo, adopted 1955
State Bird
Western Meadowlark, adopted 1937
State Flower
Native Sunflower,
adopted 1903
State Insect
The Honeybee,
adopted 1976
State Reptile
The Ornate Box Turtle, adopted 1986
State Tree
Cottonwood, adopted 1937