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>>>Did you see the picture of the two children on the front of the June/July 2015 WIT News?  They are the grandchildren of Jim and Linda Deines of Hill City, members of Prairie Winnies.   They won first place with that photo last year and knew it was going to be on one of the Wit News magazines.   

    Thanks Randall for the heads up!

Happy Independence Day - July 4th

>>>Make your reservation for the Branson campout.  Please let Randall Weller know by July 10 should you wish to go.

  Jul 21-25  GNR "Down Under", Winnebago Rally Grounds, Forest City, Iowa 50436  The Kansas Row theme will be Down Under Kansas and will feature Strataca, the underground salt mine museum.  Some of the members will contact the museum and ask for help promoting this 8-Wonders of Kansas.  Ron Conner has reserved two sites for the row tents.

>>>Happy July Birthday to:

06 Linn Blankinship
07 John Gottschamer
10 Carol Lady
12 Bill Hawley
14 Cindy Conn
27 Pearl Speer
29 Glenda Crafton
30 Neal Haerich

>>>Happy July Anniversary to:

21 Mack
28 Garcia 1989

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